How To Do App Marketing in 2019

The mobile application market has made tremendous leaps in the last few years. Not only has it provided users with an interactive interface, but it has also offered businesses an efficient way to build brand loyalty. At present, Android users have the option to choose from amongst a swarm of about 2 million apps.

In such a competitive scenario, making your app stand out is going to be a challenging task. This is because a number of times, users download a mobile application but never use it. Many others are used but are quickly disregarded when a better option comes along. Therefore, to stay ahead of your adversaries, you will have to know how to do app marketing.

Given below are a few ideas which can help you up your marketing game:

Pre-Launch Planning

The minute your app’s designing and testing phase is complete, get your marketing gear in order. Figure out who is your target demographic and find out what would make your app different for them. Why should they prefer your app over other, more latest ones? What exactly would be your app’s USP? Will you promote it as a standalone application or would you rather go for an integrated version? Answering these questions would help you develop a clear, precise, and realistic vision which would ultimately reflect in your app’s marketing policy.

Engage Your Users

The only way your app will survive the consistent onslaught of newer technologies is by making itself relevant to users. You don’t just have to attract them, you also have to retain them. For doing this, create a detailed customer profile, seek them out and engage with them on a real-time basis. Give them a demonstration of how your app will work and get immediate feedback. Examine this exhaustively and make due modifications. This would enable you to conduct a thorough analysis during the creation process itself and thus save you the extra costs which you might have incurred later.

Use Social Media

If you want to know how to do app marketing properly, there is no way you can bypass the social media route. According to a study by Google, not more than 40% of users look for apps in the app store. Also, a major chunk of people find out about mobile applications via blogs, videos, and other social media tools. This is exaactly why it is important to use popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to generate interest in your app. Start writing blogs to share more information with prospective customers. You can also make YouTube videos to help them visualise how your app will work. Remember to always keep these channels of communication open.

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Get User Reviews

User reviews are by far one of the best ways to ensure that your app gets due publicity by word of mouth. Most people tend to check an app’s review before they actually download it. Any negative reviews or unaddressed complaints are likely to create apprehension in their minds. This is why getting good reviews goes a long way in helping build reliability and trust. Start by submitting your app to professional bloggers for a comprehensive review. Have them deliver an unbiased opinion about its proficiency. Moreover, make sure that your app’s interface is seamless. Whenever new users log into the app, they should be taken through the entire operational process with simplicity and ease. Address and resolve their grievances, if any. This would encourage them to write positive and enriching reviews.

Optimise Your App

If you are grappling with the question of how to do app marketing, app optimisation can offer an instant and effective solution. When a user searches the app store, your app should feature in the first set of results. This can happen only if you have optimised it with descriptive text, relevant icons, specific keywords, and structured content. Similarly, if a user is searching for an app which performs the same functions as yours, you can employ the technique of search ads to feature at the top of the list. However, various app stores follow different ways of optimization. Check these individually and make suitable alterations. Also, keep a track of how your app is being received by measuring its key performance indicators.

Influencer Marketing

One of the lesser known but more productive app marketing strategies is that of influencer marketing. This can be done online and offline. Influencers are essentially the people who have an impact on society. They act as a filter for new products and services. People consider their recommendations to be trustworthy. They have a large presence on the internet, and the moment they speak about a product, millions of people are instantly made aware of it. As a marketer, it is wise to tap into this immensely powerful source to your advantage. Hire the influencers which suit your app’s profile and create a targeted campaign with them. This would give your app a wider reach and a better visibility, within and outside its niche.

Give Out Incentives

In order to attract potential customers, prepare a strategy to give out incentives for using and sharing the app. These may range from specialised content access and mobile-specific rewards to special promotions and even simple coupons. Incentives have been known to drive conversations and quickly spread the word about a product. Additionally, a lot of businesses have discovered a new way to offer incentives by using the tactic of ‘referral bonuses’. This simply implies that you promise to hand out a certain benefit whenever a user refers your app to another person. Not only is this bound to increase your app downloads, but it would also help give it a higher rank in the commercial marketplace.


In a world where business methodologies and approaches continue to vary every day, how to do app marketing is a genuine query. For your app to be successful, you will need to develop a unique perspective. User experience will have to be given prime importance without letting go of traditional marketing channels. It is only when a mobile application can develop the capability of embracing change, that it will be truly able to carve an appropriate and lasting place for itself.

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