Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Strategies for 2019

The emergence of mobile applications has completely transformed the way users interact with businesses. This is because apps are not considered to be a standalone platform anymore. Instead, they have been seamlessly integrated into the mobile development landscape so much so that organisations have begun to invest more resources into hiring professional app developers and finding effective marketing channels.

However, as 2019 dawns, mobile apps will have to thrive in a world filled with grave promotional challenges. Therefore, for your app to survive and outperform its competitors, it will have to be bolstered with efficient, comprehensive, and sustainable app marketing strategies.

Here are a few ways which can help you navigate this rough terrain and still make your mobile application stand out.

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  1. Key Performance Indicators 

Just like any other marketing campaign, you need to start with setting up measurable, specific, and realistic goals. Once these have been established, define a few key performance indicators (KPIs) and track their outcome. The KPIs include parameters like active users, session length, retention rate, app store ranking, user acquisition, and customer experience. By rigorously monitoring them, you will be able to provide your marketing strategy with a firm foothold.

  1. Advertising 

When it comes to developing good app marketing strategies, there is just no way to bypass the traditional channels of advertising. Be it via print media, electronic media, guest blogs, press releases, or even billboards, the advertising has to be both, engaging and persistent. Consistency is the only element which can help raise an app’s visibility. This is why it is extremely important to keep advertising so that users can be attracted and retained.

  1. App Store Optimisation 

Quite like its search engine optimisation counterpart, App Store Optimisation (ASO) also provides a proficient marketing medium. It focuses on the use of metadata, keywords, icons, and descriptions in such a way that an app is organically lifted to the top of the app store hierarchy. This directly facilitates downloads which further improves the app’s ranking. Nonetheless, it is pivotal to tailor your app’s content in accordance with the requirements of different stores rather than using the same template everywhere.

  1. User Experience

Brand loyalty can only be built if the users form the core of your app marketing strategies. When they download your mobile app for the very first time, they should be able to have a rich experience. For instance, a well-crafted tutorial screen, a welcome message and a few incentives would go a long way in boosting your customer retention rate. Marketing the experience is much more important than marketing the app itself.

  1. Good Reviews

Getting good reviews is one of the most powerful tools to market a mobile app. This is because users prefer to go through reviews before installing an app on their smartphone. In case your app has bad reviews, a user will waste no time in looking for other alternatives. For getting good reviews, you will have to pay attention to your app’s design and functionality. If users are finding your app useful, encourage them to give you a good review. This will help enhance the app’s credibility.

  1. Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service forms an integral part of marketing through word of mouth. It is essential to make sure that your service agents are quick and responsive to customer grievances. If possible, set deadlines for redressal of user complaints. Also, install a feedback tab in your app which is directly connected to the app’s e-mail or social media accounts. Rectifying customer problems is bound to generate loyalty and reliability.

  1. Expert Assessment

Having tech experts assess your app and give it a positive feedback is one of the best app marketing strategies. Not only does it help create awareness amongst your prospective customers but it also improves your app store rankings. This is because experts tend to insert backlinks in their reviews which lead directly to your app. To top it, the entire process is unbiased, which enables users to develop trust in your app.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media can prove to be a great instrument for marketing your app. It can be used as a medium of direct advertising and a method to connect with customers. For example, you can simply interact with your target demographic on online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By driving such conversations, you will be able to receive a fast and dynamic evaluation of your campaign without incurring any extra costs.

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  1. Influencer Marketing

Although it is a relatively new trend, influencer marketing has gained credence in the arena of app marketing strategies. These influencers can target specific communities and sway them in your favour. They play an active role in accelerating the growth and adoption of your app because their recommendation is considered to be a trusted source in itself.

  1. Research

With newer technological innovations opening multiple avenues every day, an app marketer should dedicate enough resources for conducting thorough research. For effective marketing, it is important to stay ahead in the game. This can only happen when the old tactics are discarded and new techniques are employed. Good app marketing strategies need to be constantly upgraded to match the ever-changing requirements.


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Developing appropriate app marketing strategies for 2019 is a whole lot different than what it was a few years ago. Currently, the app market is growing at a tremendous pace. About 3.3 billion apps are presently registered on Google Play. This is precisely why merely relying on the app’s performance metrics would not be enough. You will have to ensure that your mobile app is marketed with due diligence.

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