Top 8 Ways to Increase App Downloads

You have made an amazing, fully-functional, easy-to-understand, and interesting application. The biggest hurdle of your journey has been accomplished.

But, now, how can you get more users to download your app?

Creating an app is the starting step, which is only useful when the download number increases. This number has to be significantly high to seek constant growth. However, with 2.1 million Google Play apps and 2 million Apple store apps, the competition in the market is ever increasing.

Once your app is launched on the app stores, you need to make money. For achieving that, here are top 8 ways to increase app downloads.

How to Increase App Downloads

The first thing to ensure is that your application is functionally sound. Even if you manage to get a considerably high number of downloads through various tricks, your users won’t stay if your app lags in working.

Once your app runs smoothly, use these top ways to increase app downloads:

1. App Store Optimisation

Just like search engine optimisation, app store optimisation is essential for sustaining the outreach of your application. ASO helps you to increase your app’s visibility in the store. Let’s see some factors that affect the ASO of your app:

  • Positive reviews on your app mean it will rank high, which indicates that users will be more interested in downloading it.
  • Carefully include relevant keywords throughout the content in the description and title.
  • Ensure that you market in different regions for wider outreach.
  • More number of app downloads encourage an even higher number of downloads. But, for that to happen, you need to reach a considerable number of downloads first, which can be achieved with the following methods.

2. Catchy Preview Video

With a great preview video, you can increase the download rate of your application by 23%. Amazing, right?

Graphics have a huge impact on users, as what we see is more easily recalled than what we read. Hence, visually attractive graphics on your app store page will surely increase your ranking.

3. Bug-Free Working

Crash-rate of your application should be really, really low. However, since the app crash cannot be completely eliminated, the recovery rate should be good enough.

What if your users down the application and it keeps crashing? Not only will the user experience decrease but these users can also negatively rate your app. If that happens, downloads will decrease.

Additionally, your retention rate will reduce with this, and then, all your efforts to increase downloads will be nullified by a low retention rate.

4. Referral Program

Referral programs are always the most effective. Many apps have become popular because they offered users something in return of referrals. Take Paytm or Google Tez (Now, Google Pay) for example. They gave existing users an option to refer the app to their friends, family members, and acquaintances. In return, both the parties earned something.

In fact, Google Tez is still running a referral program wherein they offer INR 51 to both parties after download.

5. Creative Content

Content marketing can help you organically reach more users, post guest blogs, start an exclusive blog, share infographics, and useful information with users on social media. However, the content should be in accordance with your audience.

If your target audience comprises mostly of professionals, then LinkedIn is the best platform for you.

Similarly, if your product is for youngsters, you can make the content more catchy, engaging, intuitive, and viral.

6. Social Media Marketing

Find the social media voice of your application. It simply means the impression you want your app to leave on your users. This voice should reflect in your graphics, videos, content, and every marketing strategy.

The platforms you can use for marketing:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Quora
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a great outreach and social pull. Many users follow the products and services referred to by influencers. Since influencers personally connect to their followers, you can gain huge customer base only by influencer marketing.

51% marketers say that influencer marketing has helped them gain better customers.

8. Positive Customer Reviews

Positive reviews can exponentially increase the downloads of your app. Ask your users to give you a good rating on the app store and write a few nice words about the app.

Good reviews are an indication that you offer amazing services and products to your users. Hence, positive testimonials can any day get you more customers. You can also post these testimonials on social media platforms to reach more users.

Powerful Marketing Is Essential

Market your brand in the right manner. Consider the type of audience, platforms to be used, and the type of graphics/content you should be using. Don’t be too rigid and conservative with your approach. Evolve your strategy with time and focus on delivering value to your users. All these things can collectively increase your app downloads.

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